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Born and raised in California's Central Valley, Bronson is a Los Angeles-based composer with an ear for visual drama. As a lifelong musician and film enthusiast, his specialties lie in the conception and orchestration of musical scores that cover a wide scope of cinematic colors.


Bronson is a graduate of USC's SMPTV Program (class of 2016) and holds a B.A. in Music (Composition) as well as B.A. in Digital Media Arts (Music Technology) from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He also studied guitar and music performance at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA.


Upon completion of USC's SMPTV program Bronson worked as a full-time assistant for John Frizzell (The Following, Office Space, Alien: Resurrection, Legion), and is now currently part-time assisting composer Mark Kilian (Traitor, Pitch Perfect, Rendition) while focusing more on his own projects and collaborations. As a film composer, Bronson admires filmmakers who have a strong creative intuition, a collaborative artistic vision, and venture to include having fun in their process.


Apart from composing, Bronson enjoys mountaineering, traveling, philosophy, ultimate Frisbee and eating doughnuts.


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